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Smartphone, Sad Battery! - Simple Tips to Save the Charge on Your Android

All of us have our flashy, shiny, multi-tasking androids, but we all know how pathetic the battery life is. With the number of apps and access to the web-world it offers, they obviously need lot of battery power to run on. iPhone, Android or any other Smartphone, only smart till it is alive. Once it is dead, your Smartphone is no good than a paper weight or if it's the thinnest phone, might work well as a book mark!
Get an app:
Smartphones have a lot of apps that run in the background eating up your charge and memory as well, making your phone run slow and lose charge sooner. There are enough free apps available on the Android market to kill these background apps to make your phone work longer and faster.
Display and Sound Settings:
Another basic reason for faster battery drain-out is the screen brightness. Switch it to half-bright mode or automatic mode, unless you are watching photos or videos. A couple of other things that help you save battery in this category of your android are vibration/haptic feedback notification and screen timeout. Use vibration mode only while in your ringer is on silent and the lesser your screen timeout time, the longer your battery will last.
Airplane Mode:
When you are camping or on a trek and you know you won't use your phone or when you know there is now coverage, switch it to the airplane mode. Instead of wasting battery on looking for network that doesn't exist you can use the android to click photos or enjoy some music. Because left alone, the Smartphone will keep looking for the network that doesn't exist wasting the juice!
Some of the apps and games might stay connected to internet right under your nose, slowing down your phone and eating up battery. So, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are better turned off when not being used, in data security point of view as well as saving the juice. No other function uses up your battery life the data connectivity does. Stay on the 2G network unless you need better and faster network, because the higher the connectivity the faster it drains-out the battery. And moreover, auto-syncing your email and refreshing Facebook every few minutes might prove to be very expensive!
Battery Management Apps:
Some smart apps available for your Smartphone that help you regulate the battery usage. These apps allow you to customize screen brightness, vibration/haptic feedback notification setting, data connectivity, and also set the screen timeout setting to save battery charge.
There are charging boosters available in the market that can get you some charge in emergency situations. There are some that charge your phone or some that you need to keep connected to power up your phone. These simple charging boosters use dry cell batteries or sometimes rechargeable batteries.
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