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Security At Priority In NFC Mobile Payments

Near Filed Communication or NFC technology is a radio-communication protocol. It allows mobile phone users to make payments directly at very short-range. The payment is made by doing nothing more than just bringing the NFC-enabled devices in close proximity.

As with the technological advancements, the security concern is also born for handling sensitive information. Though, NFC enables the devices to exchange data significantly faster than Bluetooth and is also considered secure because of its short-range capability, yet we cannot ignore the risks how some people try to exploit the technology for their own gains. That is why it becomes important for the technologists to assure the consumers that the information they provide while using the technology is in safe hands. The consumers also need to make sure that it is worth taking the security risks above the convenience of making payments through NFC.

According to reports, Apple is holding its decision to integrate NFC in mobile payments due to security concern. Apple is playing safe game and wants to watch other mobile manufacturers perform research and test on NFC for secure payments via mobile phones.

In fact, it's not just Apple who has ignored NFC technology, many big retailers also have made it clear that they are not in a hurry to adopt the technology. The biggest retail store Walmart has announced that it is not interested in sharing consumer transaction data with any other partner.
MasterCard's PayPass, a contactless mobile payment solution for Smartphones and other mobile applications, is another alternative of mobile payments which also is inhibiting NFC mobile payments adoption.

Although, many people are disappointed about Apple's decision to ignore NFC mobile payments, but there are many other NFC trials underway around the world. As for example, The Commonwealth Bank which has recently launched its own NFC-enabled iPhone case to work with its Kaching mobile banking and payments application.

As every new technology has some issues that don't let it become mainstream in the industry, it becomes important for the technology to resolve all these issues. In case of NFC mobile payments, NFC does have factors like speed, security and increasing adoptions that deliver a great user experience to the consumer. This is the reason why it has a bright future to be an attractive alternative to traditional transaction methods.

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