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How to Break the Code on a Verizon Touch LG Dare

 Break the code on your Dare by calling Verizon. The phone lock code on the LG Dare VX9700 protects your Dare from unauthorized use. When locked, the Dare is in a restricted use mode that only permits you to receive calls and dial emergency numbers. Making non-emergency calls, accessing menus and using the camera are all disabled until the code is entered. If you have never changed the default lock code on your Dare, there is a reliable way to find the code and unlock your phone. However, if you have changed the default code and have forgotten it, breaking the code is not possible without a visit to Verizon Wireless.

Gather proof of purchase for your Dare. Acceptable documents include a store receipt or a printed online order confirmation.
Visit a Verizon Wireless retail store and explain that you've forgotten your lock code. Present proof that you are the owner of your Dare. If your proof is acceptable, Verizon will attempt to unlock your Dare without erasing its memory. However, it is likely that Verizon will need to restore your phone's software to reset the code, which will remove all of your personal data.
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Touch “Menu," then touch “Settings & Tools."
Touch “Phone Settings,” then touch “Security.”
Enter the current four-digit lock code. Unless you previously changed the lock code, the code will be the last four digits of the mobile telephone number associated with your phone.
Touch “Edit Codes.” Touch “Phone Only” or “Calls & Services,” then enter a new lock code. Enter it again to confirm it.
If you don't have acceptable proof of purchase, you may still be able to convince Verizon that you are the rightful owner of your Dare. A Verizon representative can look up your account and attempt to match your Dare's serial number with Verizon's records.
Be prepared to offer official identification, such as a driver's license, to Verizon.
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